Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting off of Foreign oil isn't easy

  1. Time magazine article: "Energy: Should the Military Be Going Green? RAND Isn't So Sure."
    · Here's the PDF of the RAND Corporation report.

  2. "Alternative fuels for transport" in a press release from the European Commission.
    Transport has been the sector most resilient to efforts to reduce CO2 emissions due to its strong dependence on fossil energy sources and its steady growth despite the considerable efficiency gains that have already been made. Emissions can be reduced by improving energy efficiency, transport efficiency, and effective transport demand management. But the ultimate solution to decarbonising transport is the substitution of fossil fuels by CO2-lean energy supply to transport.

    Further information: Report of the European Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels

Anything American—as long as it's American

Folks Mr. Pickens talks diversity - as long as it's American - this "win-win" talk underscores our focus on getting off of foreign oil by all working together....with all the tools we're getting through the Department of Energy we should really make a difference in 2011! rc3
From the desk of T. Boone Pickens


I hope you watched President Obama give the State of the Union Address last night. I went on CNBC's Squawk Box and then MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning to give some of my thoughts on the energy section of the speech, and I'd like to share them with you now. I hope the attention he gave to America's energy crisis will help kick-start bipartisan action.

I agree with the President's goal of moving toward battery-powered vehicles and other technologies but we need to get more options into the mix. The reality is that today a battery has limitations-it won't move an 18-wheeler, for example. So on a barrel-for-barrel replacement for foreign oil and diesel, only natural gas can can step in now and have an immediate impact starting today, not years down the road. The value of using our abundant natural gas as an alternative to foreign oil is simple-if we had all 8 million 18-wheelers on natural gas, we would cut OPEC imports in half. These natural gas trucks would be 30 percent cleaner, and fuel would be a dollar per gallon cheaper-it's that simple.

I noted that Abu Dhabi recently announced that they are moving toward natural gas as a transportation fuel. Why are they doing that? It's a smart business decision for them: natural gas is cheaper. They can use cheaper natural gas in their vehicles and sell the expensive oil to the United States.

We need immediate action. One way President Obama can get things moving is to issue an executive order requiring all federal vehicles purchased in the future to run on American resources-natural gas, ethanol, electricity, or other domestic options. Anything American-as long as it's American.

I'm excited about what I heard and optimistic about the future. I think we're headed down the right track by recognizing that we need to get on our resources to solve our energy crisis-that means using everything, including renewables like solar and wind, along with nuclear, natural gas and other American resources.

But we need to quit buying oil from the enemy starting today. I appreciate what Joe Scarborough said to me this morning: "I will tell you this right now though. I would like that $2 billion a week to invest in what you're talking about, Boone, and that is transforming our economy and breaking our dependence on foreign oil from OPEC."

I know we get get this done by working together.


PS I hope you'll watch me on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tomorrow [Thursday, January 27, 2011] night-as you know, I've been on before and it's always a great experience.

IRS Guidance for 50¢ per GGE rebate

Good news. Now SoCalGas customers can apply for the 50¢ per GGE [Gasoline Gallon Equivalent] rebate for all of 2010 and 2011. Follow the attached special guidance for the 2010 year [below]. Remember to find the total CCF sum near the end of the SoCalGas bill, multiply by 100 to get cubic feet and then divide by 121 cubic feet (CF) per gasoline gallon equivalent. The result is the number of gallons which can be claimed on IRS Form 8849 schedule 3. Do not try to convert therms to gallons. Questions? Call me.

Steve Anthony

Southern California Gas Co.
Sr. NGV Account Executive
Work 213 244 3583
Cell 213 248 1692

IRS Issues Guidance for 2010 Fuel Credits for CNG and LNG

On Friday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a notice with instructions on how to make a claim for CNG or LNG that was used or sold in 2010. Notice 2011-10, "Biodiesel and Alternative Fuels; Claims for 2010; Excise Tax," has not yet been published in the Internal Revenue Bulletin (IRB) but was posted on the IRS website (see below). As we previously reported in our newsletter, the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 (Act) (PL 111-312, § 701), extends the CNG and LNG fuel credits for 2011 and also made them retroactive for 2010. The Act requires that the IRS issue guidance concerning one-time claims to be made for 2010 fuel use or sales. Notice 2011-10 satisfies the Congressional mandate.

The IRS guidance indicates that claimants should use Form 8849, Schedule 3. Claimants who have not yet filed their quarterly 720 Excise Tax Form for the last quarter of 2010 should not claim the excise offset on that form or seek to claim payment on that form. The IRS apparently wants all section 6426 and 6427 claims relating to the use or sale of CNG and LNG in 2010 to be made using Form 8849, Schedule 3. As always, only those claimants who previously have registered with the IRS using Form 637 may make claims for payment. Claims must be submitted no later than August 1, 2011 and can be filed immediately. Only one claim should be made for 2010 fuel use or sales. The IRS must make payments on claims within 60 days of their being filed, or pay interest on late payments. All claims submitted prior to February 2, 2011 will be treated as having been made on February 2 for purposes of determining whether the IRS has timely paid a claim.

The IRS guidance also indicates that any persons who filed "protective" or anticipatory claims relating to CNG or LNG must refile these claims using Forms 8849, Schedule 3.
For more information, contact Jeff Clarke 202.824.7364, or

To view Notice 2011-10, click here:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

T. Boone Pickens Returning To The Daily Show

Mr. Pickens starts this year's push for an Energy Plan with a flurry of television appearances! Please see the details listed below. Hope you'll be able to tune in. As a strong supporter of our Clean Cities Program (...see his Holiday video to us on a previous post) we should try and keep up with his activities in pushing to get us off foreign oil and focusing our transportation energy needs on domestic fuels.
Pickens Plan: Note To The Army


We are excited about a number of media appearances T. Boone Pickens will be making this week, many of them timed to provide commentary on President Obama's State of the Union remarks tonight [January 25, 2011].

First, Boone will appear tomorrow [January 26, 2011] morning around 7 am ET on the popular CNBC morning program, Squawk Box.

Following that, and while in Washington, DC, Boone will also be a guest at approximately 8:15 am ET on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program.

On Thursday night [January 27, 2011], Boone is an invited guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Please check your local listings to determine what time that airs in your marketplace. His last appearance on this show was a real crowd pleaser, so you won't want to miss this one!

The November 2008 program:

Remember that you can always follow Boone on Twitter @boonepickens, and the media appearances outlined above could always be changed due to late breaking news.

- Team Pickens

P.S. Visit to submit questions about President Obama's energy plan for America. Questions will be answered by the President himself, as well as senior White House officials, during various Q&A sessions this week.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Many Shades of Green

Click here for the second edition of Many Shades Of Green by Next 10.
This second edition of Many Shades of Green: Regional Distribution and Trends in California's Green Economy, tracks employment and business growth related to products and services that improve efficiencies in the consumption of all natural resources and reduce negative environmental impacts. The results presented here offer new evidence that Californians are forward-thinking people, creators of cutting-edge technology and nimble prospectors adept at finding new opportunity in a changing context. Based on this research, we can conclude that California's green economy has continued to grow in the current downturn, and opportunities are growing across the state's eleven economic regions.

Top findings include:
  • Employment in the Core Green Economy has expanded 56 percent since 1995, while total state employment grew by just 18 percent. In the most recent observable 12-month period (January 2008 to 2009), green employment increased by three percent while growth in total employment was less than one percent.
  • Recent employment growth has been exceptionally strong in Energy Generation, Energy Storage and Clean Transportation.
  • California's green economy is diverse with strong employment shares in manufacturing. Manufacturing employment represents 26 percent of all green employment but only 11 percent of California's total employment.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

CVEP - Renewable Energy Roundtable - Distributed Generation, Feed-in Tariff and AB 811

Jim Ferguson
Jim Ferguson

Click here for the audio recording of Jim Ferguson speaking at the CVEP Renewable Energy Roundtable.

Mr. Ferguson is a leading national and California State authority on distributive generation having testified on numerous occasions before Congressional and California State legislaive committees on national and state energy policies. He authored California's landmark Assembly Bill 811, the progenitor of nationwide Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing (PACE) legislation currently adopted in 23 states. Has been on the Palm Desert City Council and has been the City's Mayor. For more information he can be contacted:

Jim C. Ferguson, Esq.

73101 Highway 111, Suite 1
Palm Desert, California 92260
(760) 776-8233 phone (760) 776-8255 fax

Monday, January 17, 2011

"Time to Tap the Bounty of U.S. Natural Gas"

An article in the New York Times:
Natural gas may be America’s most ignored blessing. With resources now equivalent to Iran’s oil reserves, domestic shale gas offers a chance to meaningfully reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil, cut the deficit and even reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the full article here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

T. Boone Pickens

Happy New Year...and with the new year comes on-going support for what Clean Cities is doing. To lead off our 2011 Clean Cities Coachella Valley Region - Information Exchange Mr. Pickens sent us this video thanking the Clean Cities program for all the work we’re doing to get the United State off foreign oil.

You can follow Mr. Pickens on his ongoing efforts by checking out his Twitter pages - or at You can also keep up by viewing his website

Please feel free to share this with your stakeholders - we’re all in this together...2011 is the year we’ll get an Energy Plan for the United States with our ongoing efforts.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Light Bulb Finder App

In the coming year, take advantage of new technology to help residents save energy. Available as a free download on iPhone and Android mobile phones, the Light Bulb Finder app makes it easy for households to switch from incandescent to energy-efficient light bulbs with the right fit, style and light quality.

As users walk through their homes entering basic information on their smartphones about current light bulbs and fixtures, they receive on-the-spot recommendations for energy-efficient equivalents. The app displays bulb images, prices, savings, and environmental impact. Users can create their own shopping lists and buy energy-efficient bulbs directly through the app or at local stores.

Light Bulb Finder is also a useful tool for home energy auditors and community outreach organizations to engage residents and create personalized recommendations for individual households.

Visit for more information and to download the marketing toolkit for your organization (see “resources” page). Watch the demo video, "How many apps does it take to change a light bulb?" at:

Please contact me for information on how the app can be customized to promote local energy efficiency programs, CFL rebate offers, and retailer discounts. Customized solutions include zip-code level reporting on aggregate energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Thank you.


Andrea Nylund

Eco Hatchery, LLC
Tel: 310.474.0574