Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Another use for natural gas"

GNV Magazine reports on Pennsylvania's recognition of the importance of natural gas in transportation.
Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states signaling to the marketplace that potential buyers exist - and are being encouraged to use CNG. The state's Marcellus Shale Act 13 establishes $20 million in grants for local transportation organizations to convert or purchase CNG vehicles. Governor Tom Corbett joined his colleagues from 10 other states in signing a Memorandum of Understanding that encourages the manufacturing of CNG vehicles and in pledging to replace state fleets with cleaner burning natural gas.

In Pennsylvania, companies like US Steel and Giant Eagle are pacing the conversion. The supermarket company purchased 10 CNG tractors last year for deliveries to its stores in the Pittsburgh area, and it established two CNG fueling stations - one is open to the public. US Steel has a $1 million pilot program for an Indiana facility and its operations around Irvin.